From Modern Web Apps & Dapps to Legacy Multimedium

With experience that reaches back into the early infant days of the online world in the mid-90s, and know-hows that encompass expert levels in many facets of today's technologies, including (and not limited to) Microsoft.Net, SQL databaseing, Android-Responsive Web methods, awesome friendly user-interfaces/creative branding, to online marketing strategies. You can feel confident that our professionalism will work hand in hand with your organization and goals!

  • Data
  • Design
  • Audio/Visual
  • Mobile
  • Blockchain


Our specialty is Microsoft Asp.Net applications created on the .Net Framework. Working with tools such as Visual Studio, Visual Code, Sublime, development entities of .Net such as WebForms, MVC , .Net Core, and even if you have older applications running on Classic ASP (and/or want to migrate your web application to a modern platform), we have the experience and solutions to help your business.

Please call us to inquire how we can taylor these Microsoft technologies to fit your business/online needs.


Data is the #1 tangible on the information highway, and we provide tools for data-driven applications. From analytic reporting to methods of storing/retrieving/securing your data, we are all about the DATA!

We have many years experience in working with data in a variety of ways, please call us to learn more about how we can help your data-intensive endeavors..

User Interfaces- Design

Very creative look-feel-userfriendliness that have your branding & message in mind. We use Adobe CreativeSuite products with newer HTML5/CSS/LESS/Javascript & related libraries technologies.

We develop our websites/applications with Bootstrap and comparable frameworks to render adequate displays in all devices desktoop/laptop/IPad/mobile. Please call us for a quote for our Microsoft programming packages.


Audio/Visual services are available, look no further if you have needs with videography, sound recording, post-production, photography, graphic visuals.

We can implement these services for web, mobile, film and arts. Call us for more information.

Mobile - Native & Hybrid Apps

Get the best of both worlds as we use a variety of HTML5 widgets, Bootstrap, JqueryMobileCSS, and loads of newer plugins to program your message on big and small viewers.

Call us for a quick quote, or detailed proposal.

Blockchain/Smart Contracts

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are exploding on the market! Find out how we can develop an ethereum network/smart contract application for you!

Blockchain and cryptocurrency based pay models are becoming common, we can be there to help!

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